Custom Build Your Totem

   What's Your Totem Story?

Our signature nature Totems are individually hand-cut from solid bronze; polished & sealed. Inlayed onto 3 layers of eco-certified Italian leather with a swivel hook to clip onto your bag..or keys..wherever you would like to carry the power of the Totem.        

* approx 2.5"round                                                                                                                 * brass swivel hook                                                                                                                 * available in 7 leather colors

    Custom Build Your Totem

Pick your leather color: Persimmon, Sunflower, Caribbean, Lagoon, Crema, Fawn & Nutella

Pick your bronze Totem: Dragonfly, Koi, Elephant, Fox, Heart, Yogi, Octopus, Sea Turtle, Owl, Feather, Mermaid

  • $74.00