Crystal Totems

      Crystal Totems

Seven Powerful Crystals to choose from.
Each adding their own unique vibration to bring
magic and enlightenment into your life.

Designed with a brass swivel hook to clip
on the zipper puller of your
FEEL handbag or Totem keyring. 

Choose which crystals align with you. 

Clear Quartz:  known as the master of all healing crystals, the clear quartz will help neutralize negativity. Weeding your mind, body and spirit of dis-serving energies. This crystal will guide you into a connection with your true self. The focus of the clear quartz is to restore balance making space for your deepest aspirations to flourish.

Amethyst: this crystal works with the emotional body in the physical and spiritual planes, assisting you to feel grounded and calm. Enveloping you in a vibration of tranquility. The Amethyst loves to peel away the veils that keep the mind clouded so that you can find clarity on your path. 

Fuchsite in Quartz: this crystal aligns you with the generative and abundant power of the Earth element, inviting you to center into the vitality and purity of her living wisdom. Fuchsite in quartz assists in healing and clearing the energetic channels to your throat, bringing you ease around communication.

Hematoid Quartz: this crystal is a pillar that unites you with your highest capacities to help you light your ever-deepening heart. Hematoid is a devoted navigator to boost your self esteem, confidence and self worth.  This energy attracts prosperity and wealth, making it a top crystal to hold near your wallet. 

Citrine: needing an energetic "pick-me-up"? Citrine holds the brilliance of the sun. It's all about flow and this crystal is overflowing with energy, increasing and magnetizing abundance into your life. Citrine transmutes negativity to a positive joyful experience, enhancing your motivation to give flight to your dreams.

Rose Quartz: a crystal that is holistically nurturing and guiding you to fully step into your heart. Rose quartz will energizes the brilliant and healing powers of unconditional love, to deepen your compassion in all relationships, including the one with self. Wrapping its warm energy around you, this crystal will repeatedly align you with the energy of giving and receiving. 

 Smokey Quartz: let's drop your baggage and elevate your mood, says the smokey quartz, as it steps in to help you remain balanced even through your most difficult life experiences. This crystal brings in the energy of stability and security to anchor in a higher state of being. 


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