The Satchel is a labor of love crafted from the essence of Italian leather artistry, where each stitch weaves a tale. Its slouchy, buttery texture beckons a tactile exploration, while the hand-dyed colors evoke the essence of nature's palette: Cloud whispers of serene skies, Ocean echoes the depth of the sea, Chocolate evokes the earth's richness, Forest embraces the lush woods, and Lavender resonates the calming essence of twilight. Embrace this satchel as more than a mere bag; it's a confidant, ready to cradle your daydreams and life's serendipities within its soft, supple form.
*adjustable crossbody strap
*front zipper entry
*back open phone pocket
*interior divider pocket
*10.25”w x 8.75”h
  • $185.00