My world is a complex universe of thinking and feeling until understanding and harmony is created between the two. In that space I create with my hands, I express with words. I share myself with the rest of the world and my desire is simply for it to be beauty. This planet and all of its eco systems are can I add to that? How can I be in harmony with nature and share that with you?
I write a lot for myself and for many years I have thought about how I would share my feelings openly. I have to admit I prefer organic conversations looking into the eyes of another person, but the year 2020 has changed so much, for all of us. For me, the halt of traveling the world to different art shows, trade shows, trunk shows and boutiques has rocked my core and for months I've felt like a vulnerable deer caught in headlights. 
This year has pushed the comfort zones that I have created for myself in this life. So, what else can I do but lean into those uncomfortable places and make friends with my fears? I have faith that something greater will come from me as I go through this next phase of life. 
And that's what I want to share with you.
I'm not going to overthink and market my creativity to you. I'm not going to package some made up story in hopes that you buy it. We are capable of truly knowing ourselves through transparency, vulnerability, honesty, compassion and expansive thinking. I feel that when we truly connect to nature we will find ourselves. 


  • Posted by Ralph Harmon on

    Beautiful work

  • Posted by Kate on

    Yes :-)

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